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Our Main Services

We provide a variety of services:


Remodeling & Renovation

Transform your pool area into a haven of luxury with our exquisite pool remodeling and renovation services.


Maintenance & Cleaning

Keep your pool pristine year-round with our meticulous pool maintenance and cleaning services.


Pool & Equipment Repairs

Restore your pool and even equipment to peak performance with our expert repair services.


Pool Resurfacing

Give your pool a fresh lease on life with our stunning pool resurfacing options.


Leak Detection

Protect your investment with our advanced pool leak detection services for early problem detection.

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More Services we Offer

Here's a few more of the pool services Near Me Pools provides:

Pool Pavers & Coping

Spruce up your pool area's look with our expert pool pavers and coping services.

Chemical Balancing

Maintain your pool's water quality and PH balanced with our precise chemical balancing solutions.

Pool Acid Wash

Revitalize your pool's appearance with our thorough and effective pool acid wash service in the case a total resurface isn't needed.

Pool Filters

Keep your pool water sparkling clear with our top-notch pool filter repair and replacement solutions.

Pool Heaters

Maintain the perfect pool temperature all year with our outstanding pool heater repair and installation services.

Pool Pumps & Motors

Ensure your pool's circulation system runs smoothly with our pool pump and motor repair and installation expertise.

Pool Lights

Keep your pool well illuminated and brightly lit with our pool light repair and replacement services.

Pool Timer Replacement

Keep your pool operations on schedule with our pool timer repair and installation solutions.

Pool Drain Repair, Replacement & Refill Service

Safeguard your pool's safety and functionality with our professional pool drain repair, replacement, and refill services.

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